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Brown Sugar

What is a Smack/ Brown Sugar Drug?
Brown sugar, also called smack, junk, skag, dope, and chaw, is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from morphine extracted from poppy plants. However, pure heroin only accounts for 20% of the brown sugar drug. The remaining 80% consists of impurities such as chalk powder, zinc oxide, and even strychnine.

These impurities make brown sugar much cheaper than the typical, more purified form of heroin; however, they also create a substance more dangerous than heroin since users are unsure exactly how much heroin they are consuming.

How is Brown Sugar made?
Brown sugar is usually made in powder form and kept in small vials. The substance is only about 20% heroin. The brown sugar drug-making process involves mixing heroin with other substances like chalk powder, zinc Oxide, and even strychnine. In order to dissolve the substance with the purpose of injection, you have to mix it with an acid. Typically, people will use one of four different acids to make their brown sugar (or some actually call it “brown heroin”) soluble. Their choices are citric or ascorbic acid (these tend to work), or lemon juice and vinegar (which should never be used).

The injection of a drug is one of the most dangerous forms of transmitting a drug into your body. You place yourself at risk for HIV infection and other blood-transmitted diseases. Also, constantly plunging needles into your veins is bad for your skin and insides.

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