How Does Substance Abuse Affect Personality

How Does Substance Abuse Affect Personality – Facts to Know

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You must have seen a change in people’s personalities after getting addicted to a substance. But have you ever wondered “How does substance abuse affect personality?”.

If yes then you have landed on the right page. This blog will tell you that substance abuse is not just a physical dependency. But it also takes a toll on the person’s physiological well-being.

It alters the hormone, which disrupts the person’s emotional intelligence and cognitive process.  This article will give you detailed information about how addiction changes the personality of the addicts.

We will also tell you about the 5 personality traits of the addicts. So with any further ado let’s get started. 


How does substance abuse affect personality?

An indication is not a sign of poor character but a mental disease that changes a person’s character. It has numerous effects on the addict’s body that change its personality:

Social Anxiety 

The first change that happens in addicts is that they become a more private person.

They avoid going outside and meeting people. Some addicts even lock themselves in the room and don’t even like to meet their family members.

This is because getting addicted to a substance is seen as taboo in Indian society, which makes the addicts feel ashamed to show up in public.

Furthermore, some addicts also become secretive because they know they are doing something bad and are also not able to control it.

This type of addict doesn’t want their friends, family, and loved ones to know that they are walking on a destructive path as it hurts their lives too.

Additionally, if you are wondering what personality types are most likely to use drugs? So, the person who loves to live private lives is more likely to use drugs and other addictive substances because of loneliness. 


Feeling Stuck

Have you ever wondered about the psychosocial effects of substance abuse? Well, science believes that it changes the brain chemistry and makes the person more aggressive.

It has also been seen that when the addicted person finds themselves sucked into the addiction, it gives rise to aggressive behavior.

This aggression gets deeply rooted in the personality that affects the other person too. In some cases, the addicts have done physical violence to the people who have tried to stop them.

This why de-addiction centers in Patna provide stress management therapy to addicts so that they can manage their anger and other emotions carefully.

Alcohol is one of the most common substances that causes anger. This is the prime example of personality change after sobriety

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Strong Urge to Use the Substance 

If you ask an addiction therapist “How does drugs affect our mental health”, then most of them will give one answer – by influencing the dopamine.

Dopamine is the happy hormone that forces people to repeat an action again and again. 

Addictive substance influences this happy hormone and creates a strong urge to it again. This strong urge makes the person go to any length for the substance.

Some become deceptive and manipulative to get the substance and also to justify their actions.

You may not find this information in most of the Effects of Drugs on Human Behaviour PDF as this behavior is given that much attention.  


Affects the Prefrontal Cortex

Most of the Drugs that cause personality changes have an effect on the pre-frontal cortex which helps in the regulation of emotions and other important brain functions.

One of the main functions of the part of the brain is that it helps in maintaining self-control.

This can lead to a big change in the addict’s personality. For example, an addict may start taking action that huge risks involved. Actions that are unethical to society like stealing money to buy the substance.

Some addicts who use injectable substances also tend to share needles in desperation to use the substance.

The prime example of this is the alcoholic people who suddenly become fearless after having 2 or 3 sips of their various brands.

This example is an answer for those people who are searching for a substance personality meaning


Hormonal Imbalance 

There are numerous answers to the question “How does substance abuse affect personality”.

But mood swings is certainly one of the main reasons behind the personality change of addicts. Addictive substances like drugs have the potential to affect the hormones strongly.

This leads to an imbalance of hormones which leads to mood swings. Although mood swings happen to everybody. But they are so intense when the reason behind them is substance addiction.

These sudden and intense mood swings will lead to a change in personality. According to science mood swings are also the result of negative effects of the pre-frontal cortex. 

So, these were the five ways substance abuse affects personality. Now let’s know about what are the big five personality traits associated with addiction.


What are the Big Five personality traits associated with addiction? 

By now you must have understood how addictive substances affect personality. But we believe you also must be curious to know some personality traits associated with the addiction: 

A Liar – You always find a person who is addicted to any substance lying. Ethier, they will lie about their addictive behavior to hide it from their loved ones or about their financial condition to manipulate you for money to get the substance. 

Aggressive – as we have discussed the feeling of being stuck in the addictive behaviour makes many people aggressive.

Sometimes this aggression also comes in the form of withdrawal symptoms. This is because builds up frustration when it doesn’t get its dopamine-releasing substance. 

A Person with Bad Memory – As we have discussed drugs have the potential to affect the brain chemistry. This alteration in brain chemistry also affects memory power, which makes the addict forgetful. 

A Private Person – Addicts generally tend to avoid public gatherings and meeting other people because of the fear of being judged.

That’s why over time become a private person. in some cases, people are not even ready to meet their parents 

Poor Mental Health – Being depressed is one of the most common traits of a person with some kind of addiction. Many reasons disrupt their mental health, like fleeing being stuck and judged by society.

Having a poor hormonal imbalance is the most common reason that affects the addict’s mental health. 

So, these were the 5 personality traits that are related to the addicts. Having trust issues is another common characteristic of addicts, which takes a toll on their mental well-being. 



Getting through this blog we get to learn how substance abuse affects the personality of the addicts. It makes the addicts more and more secretive because of the fear of being judged by society.

Aggression and poor mental health issues are also one of the common traits of a person with the disorder.

So, if you are any of your family members are suffering from any kind of substance addiction, then contact the best de addiction center in Patna.

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