Health Effects of Drugs on Youth

What are the Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse Among the Youth

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The health effects of drugs on youth are one the most common concerns of governments all around the world.

With each passing day, the number of drug addicts is increasing day by day, which is not favorable either socially or economically.

This deadly addiction is causing huge damage to youth’s academic performance and as well as family relations.

That’s why it is important to understand the relationship between drugs and young people.

Read this blog completely to get detailed knowledge on the interaction between drugs and youth.

This blog will mainly make you aware of the health effects of drugs on youth. But before that, we will discuss the causes.


What are the Causes of Drug Abuse Among Youth?

There is not one cause of drugs being popular among youth, social circle, stress, anxiety, and family dynamics all can be reasons behind drug abuse.

However, health experts suggest that in today’s era, social media is one of the main culprits for this.

This is because, on some social media platforms, people post videos and pictures of themselves using an addictive substance, and having fun with it.

This makes the youngsters curious about using the substance. Furthermore, some teens also start using drugs because of peer pressure.

Youths when they see people around them having fun while consuming a substance it makes them feel left out.

This feeling of being left out forces them to have drugs even knowing that it going to affect their health negatively.


Health Effects of Drugs on Youth

Now let’s come to the main question “What are the effects of drug abuse on youth”.

Well as we have discussed drug abuse among youths is pretty common which is affecting them socially and economically.

But health experts suggest it also has some deadly effects on their health:

1. Cardiovascular Problems

Research on drug abuse among youth and health experts claims that it can lead to cardiovascular problems.

This is because there are numerous types of drugs that have the potential to increase heart rate and blood pressure.

High BP can lead to many health problems and heart attack and stroke are one of them.

Furthermore, misusing the drugs can also disrupt the circulatory systems by damaging the blood vessels.

Blood vessels which are also known as veins are responsible for carrying blood and oxygen to the heart and that’s why a damaged blood vessel has a direct effect on the heart.

2. Brain Damage

It’s a well-known fact that the human brain is designed to adapt, which is a good thing.

But when a person uses drugs for a long time it also adapts to it, which is not good.

Some drugs have the property to imbalance the brain chemicals, which increases the dependency on the substance.

Furthermore, some of the substance also changes the number of neurotransmitters in the brain, which affects the numerous communications.

These negative effects on neural communication and brain chemistry lead to brain damage, which is sometimes irreversible.

This is why we as the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patna give special attention to patients’ mental health while treating them.

3. Mental Health Problems

As we have discussed, Rehabilitation Centres in Patna mainly focus on drug addicts’ mental health as drug abuse has the most effect on it.

Drugs change the brain chemistry which leads to mental problems like depression, anxiety, and abnormal behavior.

This is why health experts suggest those people avoid drugs who have existing mental problems.

Furthermore, people who try to leave drugs suddenly, experience mental side effects like reduced motivation, intense mood swings, and difficulties in experiencing pleasure.

These types of side effects are known as withdrawal symptoms, which are pretty common.

Furthermore, the negative effects of drug abuse on family and society, are the result of these mental problems.

4. Liver Damage

Liver health is one of the most neglected aspects when it comes to drug abuse. But according to health experts, it’s also hugely affected by drug abuse.

This is why we at Saran Nasha Mukti – the best deaddiction center in Patna, try to improve the liver health of addicts along with heart and mental problems.

The liver works as a guardian of our body by filtering out the bad stuff. But substance like drugs is like a supervillain to them, which makes it hard to get rid of.

This overload of work affects liver health negatively which sometimes causes liver damage.

5. Kidney Damage

Like the liver kidney also takes out the bad stuff for the body. The main function of the kidney is to filter the toxins from the bloodstream.

However, its function gets disrupted when a person uses a certain kind of drug that floods the bloodstream with toxins.

This happens when a person uses some kind drugs of which leads to the breakdown of muscle tissues and increases the toxins levels in the body.

This increase in toxins is very hard on the liver which affects the liver negatively.

It may cause some severe health issues like liver damage, which can sometimes be a threat to a life.

6. Sexual Problems

We know that drugs disrupt the balance of brain chemicals, which are nothing but a neurotransmitter known as hormones.

There are numerous types of hormones in the body that affect different bodily functions and sexual function is one of them.

Health experts suggest that overusing drugs like cocaine can lead to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, it also lowers your libido which will make it hard to get in the mood. Additionally, those who make bonds with addictive substances like drugs, don’t find a kick in human relations.

This means an addicted person may also lose interest in being with the opposite gender.

So, this was all about the causes and effects of drug abuse among the youth.

So, if you are a youngster who is just been introduced to drugs or using them for a while, then try to get rid of them as soon as possible because there are health centers that can help.

Remember that their no shame in asking for help because drug addiction is not just a sign of poor character but is also a mental health condition that needs professional attention.

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We can say that the health effects of drugs on youth are indeed deadly, and need special care.

This is why Saran Nasah Mukti Kendra has taken a vow to help the youths of Patna get out of this darkness of drug addiction.

Being the Best de-addiction center in Patna, we provide our patients with numerous types of treatments and de-addiction programs that attack the root cause behind the issue.

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