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Why It is Hard to Get Over Addiction – 5 Main Reasons

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Are you struggling to put yourself or your family member out of the addiction? Is Getting Over Addiction So Difficult?

Well, there is no need to be agitated because you are not alone. Millions of people around the world are struggling with one or other substance addiction.

This is why there are so many campaigns against addiction have started taking place all over the world.

But when we talk about our city Patna there is no awareness related to it. With each passing day, youths in Patna are getting pulled into this darkness of addiction.

Keeping this in mind we at Saran Nasha Mukti Kendra have decided to provide world-class de-addiction treatment at a very minimal price.

But before enrolling in any de-addiction program you have to be aware if is getting over addiction difficult or if it’s a piece of cake.


Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult?

Let’s be honest if it was a piece of cake then you wouldn’t have been reading this blog.

In India people think it’s easy because they relate addition to a sign of poor character. But doctors around the world have declared it as a mental illness, which needs proper medical attention.

Addiction attacks the brain by changing its chemistry, which leads to numerous side effects, like abnormal behavior, anger, or depression.

These side effects occur because addiction works by affecting the reward system of the brain. When a person consumes an addictive substance it releases the happy hormone in the brain called dopamine.

This provides a feeling of happiness and satisfaction which forces the person to have that substance again and again.

This is one of the main reasons why addiction is so hard to overcome.


Why is Addiction So Hard to Overcome?

We have discussed how addiction attacks the brain by affecting the reward system and brain chemicals.

This alteration of brain chemistry gives rise to numerous more things that stop the person from getting over an addiction:

1. Denial

Every month or week people bring their friends or family members to us to enroll them in the best Drug Addiction Treatment in Patna, which we provide.

We have seen that most of the addict lives in denial.

They are not ready to accept that this drug is destroying their lives but sometimes they also think it is helping them in some way.

This is called denial, it’s a condition when people are not able to accept the fact that the drug is damaging their every area of life.

2. Fear of Stigma

We have also met some people who know that they have messed up but are not ready to accept it publicly.

It is another reason Why is recovery so hard for some people. This condition is called the fear of stigma.

Many people don’t want to be labeled as alcoholic by society because it makes them feel like losers.

As we have discussed Indian society still believes that being addicted to a substance is a sign of poor character.

There is so much information available on the internet regarding addiction but still, society sees it as some kind of taboo.

3. Giving Up Their Ally

If you are someone who is thinking how can I be successful in recovery?

Then firstly you have to go through a good counseling process, which we provide in our alcohol addiction treatment.

Counseling is important because some addicts think that the addictive substance is their ally, which is helping them in some way.

This is because addictive substances have the property to relax the brain which we call the high state.

This state helps them tackle any situation of mental pressure, which is not good for their health at all.

4. Not Seeing a Way Out

we at Sarran believe that before talking about what are the four stages of recovery, One should first know what are the four stages of being addicted to substances.

We have noticed that when addicts go into a hopeless state it is the final stage of addiction.

In this particular stage, they didn’t see a way to get out of this particular situation.

This type of addict needs to be loved by their friends and family which helps them to gain back the motivation.

This is why we as the best de addiction center in Patna try to provide addicts with an environment, in which they can feel loved.

Apart from this withdrawal symptoms are also one of the main reasons that make is getting over addiction difficult so hard to overcome.

So, is getting over addiction difficult? Absolutely yes, but it can be easy with the help of some ways.


What are Some Recovery Skills?

We know that recovering from an addiction is not a piece of cake.

But by developing some personal and cognitive skills, you can make the process much easier.

But what are some recovery skills? Read the next section carefully if you are struggling with that question.

A healthy Routine – What are the 5 keys to recovery? Well, there are numerous keys to open the door to a better life by getting rid of addiction.

However, developing a daily routine is the most important key to success.

Take Care of Your Relationships – Not getting loved and attention by your friends and family can take a toll on your mental state.

That is why we as the best rehabilitation center in Patna provide family therapy as de-addiction treatment.

Manage stress Levels – Any addict who wants to get ahead in the recovery journey should learn how to manage stress and emotions.

This is because stress is one of the main triggers that make you have that addictive substance. Try stress management techniques like meditation or journaling.

Plan your Finances – If you are aware that you have gotten addicted to a substance then you must be aware that it has taken a toll on your finances.

It is important to get your financial situation on track before or after the rehab. This will help you not get addicted to the substance once again.

So these are the 4 skills that are needed to get out of the addiction. If you are finding it difficult to apply these skills in your day-to-day life then come to Saran Nasah Mukti Kendra – The best drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Patna Bihar.

Here we will provide you with a world-class environment and personalized treatment.



We can say that getting over an addiction is indeed hard a job. There are numerous reasons behind it which we have discussed in the blog.

But, the thing here to notice is that all the reasons are linked to changes in brain chemistry.

This change in brain chemicals is what makes getting over the addiction so hard. To make the process much easier you can develop some skills which have been provided.

But if you need a fast recovery, then you should come to Sara Nasha Mukti Kendra – The Best Deaddiction Centre of Patna.

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