Causes of Addiction in Psychology

Causes of Addiction (Substance Abuse) in Psychology & Types

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Have you ever thought how some people get addicted [What Is Causes of Addiction] to alcohol or drugs so easily? Are there any Causes of Addiction in Psychology that exist?

Psychological Causes of Drug Abuse which we refer to as substance abuse in medical term can depend on various factors. Such addictions can cause the human brain to get completely dependent on them for a moment of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

In common lay man words addiction can make a person indulge in serious crimes and sometimes a faceoff with life threatening situations.

Still from a long time the researchers and psychologists are unveiling the dwelling facts of causes of addiction and Psychological Model of Addiction Treatment.   For the experts it is equally a fascinating and a rising concern for what forces people to undergo such compulsive behaviors.

Here in this blog we are going to shed light on the intricate tapestry of biological as well as environmental influences that interplay the role between What Are the Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse.

So let’s begin with the Causes of Addiction in Psychology,


Causes of Addiction and Substance Abuse

When asked upon What Causes Addiction of Drugs or What Causes Addiction to Alcohol – the most heard opinions are that people go for it by their choice. But is it true? Like at first glance it does looks like the person addicted is only responsible.

However it’s not always true!!

There can be a lot of factors for Causes of Addiction to Alcohol & Causes of Addiction to Drugs so here we are to make you aware of – What Causes Addiction in the Brain?

#1. Biological Factors

Here your family genes and brain nerves can also lead you towards addiction. Generally not heard but biological factors are one of the causes of addiction in psychology.

Further the human hormone such as cortisol and dopamine also regulates the brain for addictive behaviors making it more vulnerable.

#2. Psychological Factors

The mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, trauma illness can also reinforce an individual for substance abuse to get a short relief from their pain and exhaustion.

Sometimes people also fall for addiction due to their own negative emotions, low self-esteem and self-judgment.

#3. Cognitive Factors

People who claim themselves of being a rebel or different from others also sometimes suffer from such addiction and substance abuse.

They think they have a complete control on themselves and can easily get away with the use of such substance abuse without getting addicted.

#4. Environmental Factors

The family background and the way of living also contributes to one of the major causes of addiction in psychology.

For example coming from a family where family members do engage in addictive behaviors like alcoholic parties and so on. Sometimes a person’s own stressful life and loneliness also leads them towards addiction.

Another contributing environmental factor is how easily available such substances are to an individual. The more easily a person gets access the more prone chance of getting addicted.

#5. Developmental Factors

The age group of individuals is also a deciding factor in the causes if addiction in psychology. For example the group of teenagers are more prone to getting addicted to such substance abuses rather than adults or old age peoples.

However in this Psychology of Addiction there can be various causes of addiction and their reasons varying from individual-to-individual.

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Thus knowing the cause is equally important while providing for the treatment of substance abuse for addicted individuals.


Types of Addiction and Their Effects

Addiction is the last stage where things are no more in control of the human mind and such situation s make an individual mentally helpless.

Thus knowing the type of addictions can help in assessing their after effects and level of health issues.

#1. Substance Addiction

These kind of addictions have been increasing day-by-day especially among the teenage group.

The most common substance abuse are alcohol, drugs, whitener, weeds, and nicotine addiction. Substance addiction can be harmful for an individual health.

So What Problems Does Addiction Cause? Well in case of alcoholic addiction a person may suffer from kidney failures, stomach cancerous and much kore.

Further excess of drug addiction can also lead to heart failure, paralysis and even more severe situations.  However it can also depends on severity of addiction.

#2. Non-Substance Addiction

Obsessed with being online on social media, or that gaming addiction like of PUBG, gambling, food addiction can also have negative effect on the individual’s both mental and physical health.

Other than this there are also rare kinds of addiction like exercise addiction, shopping addiction, sexual addiction, Bulimia Nervosa [habit of binge eating], Anorexia Nervosa [Keeping excess control on food intake], sexual addiction to indulge in excess of sexual activity beyond the biological limits of the body and lastly being workaholic [leaving family, relations, friends and health behind in the favor or work].

Thus an expert or psychologist need to have an idea of the individual’s background factors contributing to their addiction plus the type of addiction & severity they are facing.

Knowing such aspects about addiction in Psychology can only help in providing the right treatment programs for addicted individuals

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