Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

How Long Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms Last – Know Here!

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Marijuana getting legal in many states has given rise to many misconceptions. People think using weeds is not harmful and has no impact on health unlike alcohol or drugs.

However the research states that weeds withdrawal symptoms can be really uncomfortable and can also cause health issues especially for those who were using it for pain relief.

And those of the people who use weeds on regular basis and stop using it abruptly can suffer from severe marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Even such encounter can also give rise to Marijuana Addiction. Many at times it has also been found that people also fall for cannabis or Marijuana addiction due to their life negative consequences such as unhealthy relationships, family issues, job or career tension.

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Symptoms of Marijuana Withdrawal

When Do Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms Occur?

As per the the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, people with continuous and heavy use for longer duration of marijuana can cause Cannabis withdrawal syndrome.

Here are some of the most common symptoms and signs that one might face during their withdrawal phase –

#1. Intense Cravings

More cravings to use marijuana is one of the common withdrawal symptom that people have found during this whole process. In a survey it was found that more than 75% of participants trying to quit on marijuana faced this intense craving.

#2. Mood swings

Frequent anger issues, aggressive nature, depression easily irritated are also because of gradual Marijauan withdrawal.

#3. Disturbed Sleeping Pattern

Diificulty in falling asleep or irregular wake up, insomnia are some of the common symptoms not only for marijuana but for any kind of drug addictions. Some people have also reported of having vivid dreams and walking in sleep issues.

#4. Headaches

A common symptom after marijuana withdrawal however the level of pain can range from moderate to intense especially in the starting days of withdrawl.

Other common Symptoms of marijuana, weeds, cannabis addiction may also include anger issues, aggression, depression, insomnia, Marijuana Withdrawal Constipation, anxiety, Marijuana Withdrawal Nausea, vomiting, felling restless, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and tremors

As per the doctors having these symptoms for more than one week can conclude the chances of having cannabis withdrawal syndrome. How Long Do Withdrawals Last Reddit?


Marijuana Timeline – How Long Do Withdrawals Last?

Those who are trying to reduce their marijuana addiction or are looking for How Long Does It Take To Get Withdrawal Symptoms here’s a timeline –

Time period

Withdrawal Symptoms

Within 1-2 days

Moderate Level

Within 2-6 days

High Level

Within 3 weeks

Acute symptoms are resolved

How Long Does Withdrawal Last?

Further certain studies have also shown that the psychological symptoms of addiction can still persist even after completing quitting on marijuana or weeds use but not for more than 5 weeks.

Most of the people after quitting marijuana have found that their sleeping patterns were disturbed in the first few weeks causing them to get back on using cannabis.

Such irregular sleeping patterns include issues like insomnia, strange dreams etc.

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Tips for Recovery from Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Getting recovered from Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can become easy if you follow the right process with a consistent mindset.

However it’s important to consider that the fact that marijuana withdrawal and its symptoms may vary from person to person. Also on the frequency of its use and amount consumed.

#1. Avoid Gradual Reduction

Don’t stop consuming marijuana immediately or abruptly as it can cause more intense withdrawal symptoms of marijuana. Consider following a slow process to let your body and mind adjust to its functioning without being dependent.

#2. Drink more water

Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water during the recovery process. Further it will also help in flushing out all the toxins from the body.

#3. Follow Healthy Diet

Following having a healthy and balanced diet including green veggies, whole grains, fibre fruits and protein rich foods to support the recovery process from Marijuana addiction.

#4. Engage In Physical Activities

Engage your body in regular physical activities like jogging, yoga, walking or other workouts. This will further help in reducing the anxiety and depression level overall improving the mental health as well.

#5. Practice Meditation

Perform meditation and other mental workouts necessary to balance the emotional wellbeing during such withdrawal of addictions.

#6. Avoid Triggers

Avoid going to such places or events or meeting with people who can trigger you to continue using marijuana or any kind of addictions.

#7. Ask for Help

Discuss with your friends, family, therapist about the things you are going through and share your feelings. You can also take the help of Marijuana Deaddiction Treatment Center specialized in providing recovery treatments.


Welcome to Our Caring Haven: Overcoming Marijuana Addiction!

Individuals addicted to marijuana or similar benzodiazepines may find it difficult during the withdrawal.

In such conditions to achieve a relax state of mind experts suggest Gabapentin for Marijuana Withdrawal or other Supplements for ‘Weed Withdrawal to help the addicted person in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana addiction.

Though the marijuana withdrawal symptoms can be discomforting but they won’t be harmful as the addiction of alcohol or opioids can cause.

Thus for a person who was using cannabis on regular basis need to take more precaution regarding the withdrawal symptoms or after effects of marijuana addiction.

And person who was taking weeds occasionally must quit on it immediately before their body and mind become dependent on it.

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