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Substance abuse has become quite common in the present era and even the teenagers are not getting a chance to escape from it. And we can’t deny that Effects of Drugs on Youth can have a negative impact on your kids’ lives.

That’s why we are here to make you learn about how Substance Abuse In Teenagers is increasing day by day and what you can do about it.

So today will be talking about What Is Substance Abuse in Youth. But why?

The reason for Substance Abuse in Teens is beause it’s the period of experiencing new things beside the changes both in terms of physical and biological nature.

So you can’t predict what their reaction would be or what they could be doing behind you.  But it’s not possible to keep an eye on your children 24/7 and it’s not right also.

 So What Are the Ways of Preventing Drug Abuse?

We as parents as teachers and elder adults can make sure that they are aware of their surroundings – know what is right and wrong and what can have a negative impact on their health as well.

 As per experts it has been found that children’s especially the teenagers like to experience new things.  So when it comes to substance abuse most time they get addicted to it and they don’t even get the idea on how to come out of it.

So being a parent if you are also concerned about substance abuse or similar addictions that you would teenager might fall for continue reading this blog. Causes and Effects of Drug Abuse among The Youth

Before we jump on to how to Prevent Drug Abuse among Youth have a quick glimpse on Risk Factors for Substance Abuse in Adults.

Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Well teenage is the period which we all have gone through and no how much things around us and inside us changes. Other than that adrenal rush to do extraordinary things to be the sensation of the town is always one of the things.

Thus many times the teenager fall for such experimenting on different types of addictions causing them long term alteration on their health in both terms of physical and mental capabilities.

So if you want to make sure that you are kid is free from such disasters here are some common symptoms of drug abuse to look after – What Is Substance Abuse in Adolescence

  • Change in their nature
  • Blood red eyes or anything unusual
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Smelly clothes or smell of smoke
  • Too much of Hunger pangs
  • Lack of social interest
  • Talking shit and laughing anonymously

There can be more Symptoms of Substance Abuse or Addictions.  Thus  it’s up to parents  to be aware what their kid is up to and do not miss any single symptom of substance abuse.

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The best way to know about substance abuse in teenagers is to have a communication with them.  You can simply start with are you using any kind of drugs alcohol?  This could be enough to initiate the conversation and record their reaction.

As said that there can be various symptoms of substance abuse in teenagers here we are with different types of substance abuse whose symptoms may vary.


Types of Substance Abuse

The Most Common Substance Abuse in Adolescence from alcohol addiction to tobacco and smoking cigarettes there are various other kinds of substance abuse that a teenager may fall for.

There are also various prescribe medicines that a teenager may fall for its addiction like opioids. Further there are also various supplements in the market promoting weight loss, sharp memory or other which could make a teenager addicted.

In fact, there are also various substances already present at home which have Chemicals or inhalation that could make anyone addicted.  The best example is whiteners used in stationery for education purposes.

 Other than this there are various types of drug addiction that teenagers might go through if not made them aware at the right time. These illicit drug addictions can also risk their health and can cause serious cognitive impairments and more.

  • Marijuana or Ganja addiction can lead to loss of cognitive impairment, loss of memory, hallucination, psychotic disorders such as depression and feeling of suicide.
  • Opioids can increase the risk of respiratory diseases or even death in case of Overdose
  • Cocaine can have a negative impact on heart health, risk of stroke and more
  • Inhalers can cause heart issues lungs and kidney damage in the long term use
  • Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes and make you addicted to smoking resulting in high chances of kidney failure
  • Methamphetamine overdose for long term can lead to psychotic behaviors and disorder.

But What Causes Substance Abuse in Adolescence? Or What Causes Substance Abuse in Youth?

That’s what we are gonna deal in the next section of substance abuse in teenagers,


Causes of Substance Abuse in Teenagers

As already discussed in the symptoms of substance abuse similarly Causes of Substance Abuse in Adolescence also differ from person to person.

Still here are some of the common factors that could make a teenager get addicted to harmful substances.

 #1. Use of Drugs at Early Age

If a child was taking drugs through any means and have already felt their consequences there are higher chances of getting addicted to such harmful substances even in the growing teenage period or in adulthood.

 #2. Poor Relationships

One of the major contributing factors to substance abuse in teenagers is the lack of empathy and love in their life.  Most teenagers face trouble with their parents, lack of social activities or friends leading them to feel alone, making them look for something entertaining.

#3. Family Genes

If someone in the family earlier was addicted to any kind of substances then there are higher chances of your child also for getting addicted.

 #4. Mental Disorder

If someone goes through anxiety depression or over thinking issues they are likely to fall for such addictions that can give them escape from the reality.

The main purpose of using such a detective substances is to run away from the stressful thoughts and live in the moment of pleasure.  And the after effects of such substances abuse can be really negative.

Consequences of Substance Abuse in Teenagers

Most of the time the major reason for falling for such kinds of addictions or harmful substances is to cope up with the present stress over thinking or negative situations.

 However such escape can cost you your health may be temporary or long term depending on the severity of addiction and the type of addiction.

  • Chronic depression and anxiety
  • Declining Physical health
  • Feeling of isolation, low self esteem
  • Psychotic nature causing troubling relationships

So trying to escape from one bad situation can lead you to several other conditions which even can’t be reversible. Thus How to Stop Substance Abuse in Youth? Or How to Reduce Substance Abuse in Youth?

The answer is only parents can come to the rescue of their kids by discussing things around providing them with the right role model listening to them properly and understanding their feelings.

Such Ways of Preventing Drug Abuse can develop a feeling of belonging and friendly nature towards your kids and they would be more open to you in Communications.

Further parents should also secure any kind of prescription or medical AIDS like sleeping pills that can cause addiction for their kids.


Solution of Addiction – Saran Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patna, Bihar

Getting the solution for substance abuse in teenagers is very much important before it gets to late.  And it’s completely the responsibility of parents to understand their child specially if there in their teenage period.

Having a friendly relation with their kids can help in overcoming such situations more easily.

Further you can also take the help of the Addiction Centers in Patna that can help in overcoming any kind of addictions or substance abuse in teenagers.

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